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Posted by: Terabyte
Date posted: 13/10/2014 02:53
Title: Welcome to the Site

Welcome 2 Terrapin Legal & Lossless Torrents Tracker. We share the Highest Quality recorded live shows by Bands that allow taping & trading in flac, shn, alac, ape, ofr & mpeg compliant dvd video(vob, ifo, bup) via Torrent Protocol. If you aren't familiar with Lossless Digital audio or video you can inquire into just that at the wikipedia w/keywords "shorten, flac(free lossless audio codec) alac(apple lossless audio codec) ape(monkeysaudio) ofr(optimfrog) lossless & dvd(vob, ifo & bup) & bittorrent/peer 2 peer"

you will need to register an account with your preferred nickname, email address, time zone, country, a password & recaptcha code in order to participate in anything except view specific forums, torrents, read news & download. if you register with us, please pick a style sheet. there are 6 tyedyed styles to choose from & you can always change it out for one of the others after you've logged in. you will receive a confirmation email upon sign up with a link that needs clicking so please find & click it! -- you want to upload here? follow this link once you've signed up --


AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail and any other Web Based email svce loves to send mail from this server to bulk/spam so please make sure your filters are not configured to delete junk/bulk upon receipt? thank you. we don't like spam nor do we tolerate it so please don't do it!!

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Creative Commons License

Terrapin Torrents Live & Lossless BT Tracker by The Members, The Staff & Community Thereof is licensed

under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Based on a work in progress @ ~ none of the content you may find or see here is physically hosted on said server.

we keep an active database of all .torrent files uploaded & hosted here on a daily basis. only exception is once removed from site.

if you are an artist or representee of one that feels as if the content found here is considered illegally shared, please contact

Seed Wanted Torrents
 Torrent File   Cat.   Added   Size   S   L   C 
Download Torrent Yosvaney Terry Quartet 2014-10-31.PlanetFunCamp002.flac16 Assorted Jazz 09/12/2014 1.54 GB 0 1 ---

Last 8 Uploads

 Dl   Torrent File   Cat.   Added   Size   S   L   C 
Download Torrent The Doors October 11, 1967 (Wednesday) Danbury High School Auditorium Danbury, Connecticut The Doors 1 day ago 288.55 MB 6 0 14
Download Torrent garcia 1987 march april Jerry Garcia 2 days ago 6.41 GB 5 1 9
Download Torrent The Grateful Dead Europe 1990 Tour The Grateful Dead 5 days ago 8.66 GB 4 1 8
Download Torrent garcia 1986 project 2 Jerry Garcia 5 days ago 8.69 GB 3 1 6
Download Torrent garcia 1986 project 1 Jerry Garcia 5 days ago 6.84 GB 3 1 6
Download Torrent qms66 11 06 sbd bgarc sbeok flac16 QMS 6 days ago 442.85 MB 2 0 12
Download Torrent garcia 1987 january february Jerry Garcia 6 days ago 3.57 GB 7 0 11
Download Torrent garcia 1985 project 2 Jerry Garcia 6 days ago 4.66 GB 3 1 6

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