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Posted by: TerabyteJ
Date posted: 13/10/2014 02:53
Title: Welcome to the Site

Welcome to Terrapin Tracka Legal Live and Lossless Torrents. We will be sharing only the Highest Quality Recorded live shows by Bands that allow taping & trading in flac, shn, alac, ape, ofr and/or mpeg compliant dvd video(vob, ifo, bup) via the BitTorrent Protocol. If you aren't familiar with Lossless Digital audio or video you can inquire into just that at the with keywords "shorten, flac or free lossless audio codec, alac or apple lossless audio codec, ape or monkeys audio, ofr or optimfrog lossless & dvd(.vob, .ifo & .bup) and keywords bittorrent or peer 2 peer.

you will need to register an account with your preferred nickname, email address, time zone, country(outside the US), a password & recaptcha code in order to visit our forum(private) or just about anything else here except view the torrent uploads, download music & read news. please also pick a style sheet, as there are 6 tye dyed styles to choose from. you can always change it out for one of the others after you've logged in(whether validated or not.) remember you will get a confirmation email upon sign up with a link in it that needs clicking. please do so. if your account isn't validated within 7-10 days it will be deleted and you'll have to start over. we don't want anyone to experience that so please follow protocols?


AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail and any other Web Based email svce loves to send mail from this server to bulk/spam so please make sure your filters are not configured to delete junk/bulk upon receipt? thank you yes.gif we don't like spam nor do we tolerate it so please don't do it!!

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Download Torrent gd92 06 20 093996 sbd miller leavy fix 32488 t flac16 The Grateful Dead 9 hours ago 818.47 MB 2 0 2
Download Torrent furthur2014 01 22 gefell pasternak flac2448 Furthur 1 week ago 2.03 GB 1 0 1


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